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Perpetually wearing a smile that could light up any room, she’s a delightfully quirky bubble of enthusiastic energy with personality in spades & a quick wit for good measure. No description can ever truly grasp her essence or give justice to her passionate work ethic. The one, the only… Donna Mei-Ling Park!

When the cosmos align & planets collide, sometimes a new star is born. Well, we don't really know about that, but to answer your first question, Donna Mei-Ling Park is half Chinese (mother is from Hong Kong) & half Irish (@ least that's what her father's side is claiming. We know, we know, her last name sounds Korean, but in this case it is Anglo-Saxon! We had her Uncle swear on a half-full bottle of Irish Whiskey, so it's probably at least half true...) Some say that means Donna Mei-Ling Park has "the best of both worlds"-- again, we really don't know about that (we really don't know much, as you are probably starting to suspect) but it does mean that the mixed ethnicity definitely translates into a eclectic collection of characteristics, both physical and otherwise. Born & raised on the West Coast of Canada in Beautiful British Columbia Donna Mei-Ling has arguably been spoiled by breathtaking natural surroundings.

She has also been spoiled by a number of special opportunities. While studying Communications at Simon Fraser University, Donna Mei-Ling was offered the opportunity to work with Yikes! Production on two shows for MTV Canada, 'MTV Select,' and the teen lifestyle show '969.' Later, while literally in the middle of composing a paper on the 'Effect of Video Games on Modern Culture,' Donna Mei-Ling met the Executive Producer of Greedy Productions, Victor Lucas. Not too long after, she began co-hosting the Electric Playground with him. Later, as a tribute to her late father (who once raced vintage stock cars) Donna Mei-Ling took on the challenge of launching an original online show The Auto 123 Show while donning the managerial duties of heading the company's video department.

While Donna Mei-Ling aspires to be a multimedia maven through both written & spoken word, she is in the experience to learn as much as possible. She isn't afraid to try new things or get her hands dirty. Focusing on wellness & fitness, she recently had a true shift in lifestyle. With the help of The Program with personal trainer Jon Robson and a heartfelt connection to yoga introduced by teacher Clara Roberts-Oss, she feels (& some say, looks) better than ever! She is truly prepared for the next step in her adventure! Returning to her Asian roots, Donna is currently in Hong Kong, reconnecting to her mother's homeland. Looking to expand her horizons, Donna Mei-Ling offers a relentless work ethic and infectious energy that we can all only hope Asia is ready for!


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Donna Mei-Ling Park


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